Geoff’s Top 5 Option Picks

There’s so much room to customize your Outpost trailer to make it your perfect camping rig, but sometimes it can be overwhelming to try and decide which options are the right fit for you. At TerraCraft Outdoors, it’s our goal to provide you with a seamless camping experience by building a teardrop trailer that fits your taste and needs. Naturally, we’ve had the chance to test all of our available features over countless trips, and we’re here to share our recommendations with you. These are the top 5 feature picks of Co-Founder and Lead Engineer, Geoff Ricco, based on real-world testing and his own camping style.

1. Propex Heater

The Propex is hands-down my favorite feature that we offer, which is why we decided to build both of our rental units with this option. While it’s by no means necessary to enjoy a cozy night of sleep in the Outpost, it’s the winter camping luxury that you didn’t know you needed… until you have the chance to try it. With a single click of a button, the Propex will have the interior of the trailer at the thermostat-controlled temperature of your choice within a matter of minutes (and it will hold it there all night long). And since the combustion process takes places outside of the cab, it’s a dry heat that inherently helps to control moisture buildup, which is especially useful when camping in single digit temperatures. The fully insulated cab retains the heat, enabling the heater to operate at its peak efficiency. With the Propex/Outpost combo, you can forget about bag liners and heavy down fabrics while you hunker down until sunrise. Instead, you’ll be in a t-shirt or less, falling asleep just as you would in the comfort of your home. It truly unlocks the 4-season potential of the Outpost trailer and I wouldn’t be caught winter camping without it.

2. Battery Monitor

I like to use my Outpost for multiple days to weeks of off-grid camping at a time, and in this kind of environment the battery is essentially the heartbeat of the trailer. There are so many factors that contribute to battery health and longevity, and the Victron battery monitor gives you all of the tools that you need to make the most out of your electrical system. It displays the net power rate into or out of the battery in real time, so you can easily quantify the exact power draw of any given electrical load. It also displays the current state of charge and estimated time remaining, while storing historical data on how much energy you used in past days of camping. For dispersed campers and data nerds alike, the battery monitor is quite the handy addition. 

3. Stargazer

Who doesn’t love more natural light in the mornings, and more starry skies at night? That’s about all there is to say about the stargazer. At TerraCraft, we camp to spend time outside, and the stargazer window brings a little more of the outside in.

4. Carpeted Storage Shelves

If you’re like me, you like things organized and clean – even when camping. The carpeted linings provide a beautiful fit and finish to all of the interior shelving, a pleasant feel to the touch, and are super easy to vacuum dirt and debris from. They also provide the right amount of friction to help keep items in place when the trailer is being towed. This means that you can keep your trailer permanently stocked with all of your adventure gear and clothing, ready to tow at a moment’s notice!

5. Storage Divider 

With its open floor plan, high ceiling, and abundance of storage, we wanted to design the Outpost interior for versatility. One of the neatest ways that we did this is with the storage divider. It allows you to convert the open desk cubby into a partitioned and closed storage cubby in a matter of seconds with its roll-up, fabric-snap design. The cubby is big enough to fit a massive duffel into when the shelving is folded up, or to stock with the specifics of whatever your camping trip calls for when the shelving is folded down. This may sound silly if you’ve never pulled a teardrop down a chunky forest service road, but with the storage divider you can rest assured that your cargo will stay put exactly where you stocked it. Yet another example of keeping your teardrop ready to tow at a moment’s notice!

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