You’ll find some of our most Frequently Asked Questions listed below. If your question isn’t listed, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!


Yes, at this time we are accepting requests for custom exterior colors. The cost will vary depending on the color and availability.

We do not currently have any used trailers for sale. However, we will occasionally have demo trailers available for purchase. Please refer to our website and social media for updates on when these units are available. Please reach out to us if you’re interested in purchasing a rental unit.

Electric brakes are an option that we offer on our trailers. While it is not a requirement, electric brakes can make life easier and safer when towing. Depending on the tow vehicle, we recommend learning the limits of your vehicle and making a decision based on that information. Regardless, the electric brake option will extend the life of your tow vehicle’s brakes and may make towing a better experience in certain situations.

While trailer weight will vary based on the selected features, the dry weight of a base model Outpost is 1620 lbs. For the best towing experience, we recommend a vehicle with a towing capacity of 2500+ lbs, though it is possible to tow with a lower capacity.

Our trailers comes ready to hitch to a standard 2” ball. If you opt for the articulating off road Max Coupler, that will require the ball to be removed and their coupler to be attached to the tow vehicle.

Yes, we have two Outposts available with different build configurations for customers to rent. These trailers offer a great opportunity for individuals looking to purchase a trailer to try before they buy. Please view our rental trailers and schedule a trip at our Outdoorsy link here. If you reach out to us directly, we can provide a rental quote which will save you money on your rental!

In order to rent an Outpost we require that the tow vehicle has a towing capacity of at least 2500 lbs, a class 3 hitch, 2” ball hitch, and a 7-blade electrical connection. These requirements are for the optimal and safest towing experience.

Please check the Outdoorsy ads for the specific build specs of each rental trailer. Some of the bigger features that are available for test are the premium electrical package, inverter, awning, rooftop tent, cab heater, camp oven, water heater, electric brakes, stargazer window, etc.

To begin the sales process, we ask that you submit a quote via our website. Once we receive the quote we will reach out to you to begin the sales process. After an initial consultation, we will provide you with our purchasing agreement. Once we receive back the signed purchasing agreement, a deposit of $10,000 is required to be scheduled into our build queue. The deposit becomes non-refundable once we begin purchasing the materials for your trailer.

Our immediate lead times are approximately 8 weeks from the time of deposit. This number is subject to increase as we scale our business. We will always strive to have accurate lead time information posted visibly on our website.

Our preferred method of delivering a new trailer to our customers is for them to come to the shop in Fort Collins for pick up. This allows for us to properly walk you through your new trailer and show you how all of the great features work in person.

We take our build commitments seriously but sometimes delays can occur. We ask all of our customers to factor in a flexibility period for any trailer build and recommend not to make any strict travel plans until the pickup date has been finalized.

Our trailers come with a fully insulated cab. The roof of the trailer uses Havelock Wool which offers an R-value of 4.3. The walls of the trailer are insulated with rigid foam board which offers an R-value of 3.8. The foam mattress on the floor of the cab offers considerable insulation and warmth. If you do a lot of cold season camping, we offer an option that includes insulated magnetic window covers that perfectly fit over all windows to further increase heat retention.

The insulation that we have chosen is Havelock wool, which is all natural and has no added chemicals. It is also renewable, sustainable, biodegradable, and compostable. Its antimicrobial, air-purifying, and moisture-wicking properties make it the perfect insulation for our trailers. 

The baltic birch paneling is sealed with a “Zero VOC” polyurethane and a “Zero VOC” matte finish.

TerraCraft is also planning to switch to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Baltic Birch by the end of 2021. This means that all baltic birch we source will come from sustainably managed forests and adhere to FSC’s rigorous environmental and social standards.