Daniel’s Top 5 Option Picks

There’s so much room to customize your teardrop trailer to make it the perfect home on wheels, but sometimes it can be overwhelming to try and decide which options are the right fit for you. At TerraCraft Outdoors it’s our goal to provide you with a seamless camping experience by designing teardrop trailers that fit your taste and needs. We’ve had the chance to hone our knowledge over countless trips, and we’re here to share our recommendations with you. These are the top 5 product picks of Co-Founder and Business Lead, Daniel Buffington, based on real-world testing and usability of the TerraCraft Outdoors teardrop trailers. 

Electric Fridge

You’ll never have to think twice about ice again with the Dometic CFX3 45 electric fridge/freezer. This cooler has it all – it’s portable, lightweight, and highly efficient. It’s extremely nice to get to camp and have cold food and beverages waiting for you in the back. Plus, you don’t have to worry about soggy packaging or waterlogged food from melting ice ever again. This Dometic cooler is a must for people who like to get the most out of their backcountry cooking experience!


I was skeptical about the advantages of having an awning on the roof of any vehicle at first. But after a few trips with the CVT Hybrid Series Awning, I’m sold. On hot or rainy days, an awning will help protect you from the elements and provide a place where you can still be outside even when the weather isn’t cooperating. 

Rear Leveling Jacks 

While this might seem like a sleeper pick, the leveling jacks on a trailer are a must for getting a sound night of sleep when your campsite is on uneven ground. If you’ve ever slept on a slope or at an angle, you’ll understand how disruptive it can be. With the addition of rear leveling jacks on each end of the trailer, you’ll never have to worry about that problem again. Rest easy knowing you can get your trailer perfectly level no matter where you’re camping. So yes, it may be a sleeper pick – but in a different way than you may have originally thought! 

Bunk Bed

The bunk bed option is one of the most unique and useful choices we offer. With the addition of a bunk bed, you are able to sleep small children or pets in the cab while freeing up space in your bed for a better night’s sleep. This allows you to keep the whole family together while utilizing your space above the foot of the mattress! As someone who is 6 ft tall and likes to spread out in my sleep, this option has become one of my favorites. My dogs love sleeping in the comfortable fabric bunk and it frees up more space for me in the bed. 

Electric Brakes

Lastly, my final pick is the electric brakes. The Outpost is an incredibly light trailer and it’s designed so that electric brakes aren’t a requirement for towing. However, electric brakes can offer an easier towing experience and reduce wear on your towing vehicle over time. Particularly for vehicles with lighter towing capacities, electric brakes can make a noticeable difference in your towing experience – especially if you live in mountainous areas like Colorado!

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