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We build trailers designed to get you outside and inspire you to stay there. Calling all hikers and climbers, cyclists and outdoorists – no matter how you like to get outside, we can customize our designs to fit your taste of what it means to enjoy nature. We’re here to provide a self-sustained and seamless camping experience where you simply have what you need, when and where you need it. Our goal is to enable you to spend more of your time, money, and energy doing what you love in the great outdoors.

Headquartered in Fort Collins, CO.

TerraCraft Outdoors is the product of two longtime friends who share a passion for spending time outside. Before the inception of TerraCraft, Geoff and Daniel could be found designing and building their own personal camping rigs in their free time. They have years of experience working together as a team in their professional endeavors; Geoff, a mechanical design engineer and Daniel, a supply chain analyst. They share a common goal of delivering products that promote TerraCraft’s core values: excellence, adventure, community, and honesty. Each trailer is proudly designed, built, and tested in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Meet the Team

Geoff Ricco

Co-Founder & Lead Engineer

Daniel Buffington

Co-Founder & Business Manager

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Our Approach

Placing the essentials for off-grid camping at the forefront of the teardrop trailer experience: this is the TerraCraft design process.

To us, the parts of the wild that are the most remote are sometimes the most enjoyable – and our trailers are built to agree. Every design decision we make prioritizes the belief that our products should enable you to be self-sufficient while camping, and so in its standard configuration, the Outpost is ready to take you off the beaten path without having to leave camp for days on end. Featuring 26 gallons of water storage, a solar-powered battery bank, and an on-demand kitchen – you’re there to stay.


TerraCraft trailers are built by hand and engineered with efficiency and durability in mind. Whereas a traditional teardrop trailer is built according to a simple wooden-body-on-steel-frame approach, we’ve developed something more akin to a unibody vehicle design with the Outpost. It features a steel superstructure frame that not only supports the wooden body of the camper, but is also an integral and structural part of it. In doing so, we’re able to shave weight while adding strength by playing to the advantages of our main build materials: carbon tube steel and baltic birch plywood. The welded tube steel side walls and roof crossmembers act to stiffen the fully assembled trailer and serve as robust mounting points for some of our heavier wall-mounted features, such as the spare tire and hammock-rated utility hooks. The wooden body is assembled on a rolling jig before it’s dropped into place inside of the steel superstructure, where it’s then adhered and fastened to the framing on all 4 sides. The end result is an integrated assembly that’s as stiff and strong as it is lightweight and efficient in its use of material.

Sustainability Mission

At TerraCraft, we believe the places you visit are as important as the manner in which you visit them. We are committed to operating sustainably by keeping the environment, our community, and our people at the forefront of our business. This philosophy has been incorporated into everything we do. Our headquarters and manufacturing facility in Fort Collins is powered 100% by renewable energy and has been since our inception.

TerraCraft trailers are manufactured to be as lightweight and aerodynamic as possible, which reduces fuel consumption while offering the best user experience. Solar panels come standard on our trailers, meaning you’ll be powered by the sun regardless of where your travels take you. 

The materials we use in our trailers are of the highest quality and sourced with the planet in mind. We use recycled materials when possible and are working to have all of our wood be Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified by the end of 2021.