About Us

TerraCraft builds trailers designed to get you outside and inspire you to stay there. Timeless aesthetics, just the right amount of comforts, and extreme attention to detail – we’re proud to deliver the highest quality handcrafted teardrops around.

100% Designed and Fabricated in Fort Collins, Colorado.

TerraCraft was founded by longtime friends with a shared love for the outdoors. Before the birth of TerraCraft, Geoff and Daniel could be found designing, building, and traveling in their own personal camping rigs. They have years of experience working together as a team; Geoff as a mechanical design engineer and Daniel as a supply chain analyst.

TerraCraft’s daily goal is to deliver products that promote our core values: quality, adventure, community, and honesty. From hitch to hatch, each trailer is proudly designed, built, and tested in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

Meet the Team

Geoff Ricco

Co-Founder & Lead Engineer

Daniel Buffington

Co-Founder & Business Manager

Bucket, Phoebe, and Mile

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Design Philosophy

The TerraCraft design process has one central goal – to provide the most sustainable and most enjoyable off-grid camping experience possible. Ultimately, a trailer is a means to an end. A home base from which you can explore and experience. The Outpost is a facilitator for adventures and a platform for creating memories. Every design decision we make reflects that intention – reliability, ease of use, and satisfyingly simple functionality. 

TerraCraft Trailers are a joy to use but never get in the way of your outdoor experience.

Sustainability Mission

At TerraCraft, we believe the places you visit are as important as the manner in which you visit them. We are committed to operating sustainably by keeping the environment, our community, and our people at the forefront of our business. This philosophy has been incorporated into everything we do. Our headquarters and manufacturing facility in Fort Collins has been powered by renewable energy and has been since our inception.

TerraCraft trailers are manufactured to be as lightweight and aerodynamic as possible, which reduces fuel consumption and tow vehicle wear and tear. We build with low VOC polyurethane, natural wood insulation, and locally sourced raw materials to minimize our footprint. Every Outpost comes standard with a solar panel, meaning you never have to plug into the electrical grid.